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Metal foil balloon causes mass blackout in German city: police

14 Sep 2021

BERLIN, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- Police in the eastern German city of Dresden was investigating on Tuesday whether the previous day's massive power outage was deliberately triggered by a metal foil balloon that floated onto one of the city's relay stations, German media reported.

For more than an hour, 300,000 households in and around Dresden were without power on Monday. Trams stopped running, traffic lights went out, shopping centers were closed for safety reasons and people got stuck in elevators.

"Whether this balloon was deliberately steered or arrived at the neuralgic point of the Dresden South substation by chance was investigated on site by the criminal investigation department in the course of the evening," energy supplier Sachsen Energie said, stressing that the investigation was still ongoing.

The supplier's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Frank Brinkmann, said he was relieved that 95 percent of the outages were restored within an hour.

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