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Health of tribal children improves in Gadchiroli after abundant water supply provided via solar pumps under Jal Jeevan Mission

17 May 2022

New Delhi [India], May 17 (ANI/GPRC): 52 km from Gadchiroli in the Dhanora taluka, the quality of life of tribal children and their families has dramatically increased due to a steady and abundant water supply. This has been made possible by the work done under the Jal Jeevan Mission.

Villagers and their families in Tukhi Gram in Dhanora Taluka are now being supplied with abundant water supply through solar pumps.

The 253 families in the area, a population of approximately 1191 have all seen a dramatic improvement in their day to day lives after receiving an abundant and purified water supply.

Perhaps the most heartening outcome in the lives of the 253 families in the area has been that the health of tribal children in the areas has improved. Previously women had to collect water from hand-pumps outside the village. Now there is enough purified water for the Anganwadi which goes a long way to contributing to the health of the children of the area.

The water problem of the area was solved by conducting a double tap water supply scheme based on solar pumps.

55 litres of water are now available at the doorstep everyday, leading to a considerable saving of time and energy. This has ensured that the villagers are also able to be far more efficient and punctual when it comes to their work and livelihoods.

These important and life altering changes have taken place with the guidance of Zilla Parishad's CEO Kumar Ashirwad.

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